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Is Google to pay Oracle or is it the other way around

  Now JDK is open sourced: that means that a lot of people contributed and still contributing to JDK, also google might be, if not one of the big contributes in JDK. So, should oracle be the one trying … Continue reading

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Two-step verification: a cheaper approach

The two step verification system is being used by banks, eMail providers and important or corporate sites, to make sure that who is longing to the site, is the real owner. the problem lies in the SMS as a medium, … Continue reading

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Can Oracle Customers trust Oracle after Its Google sue

Oracle has sued Google before 6 years or so, for Google use of its “37 Java APIs”! Now whether oracle win the sue or loose, can its customers trust it? If I am an oracle customer, using its Java, Oracle … Continue reading

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NURBS: Non-Uniform Rational Basis Spline

NURBS: is a mathematical model commonly used in computer graphics for generating and representing curves and surfaces. It offers great flexibility and precision for handling both analytic (surfaces defined by common mathematical formulae) and modeled shapes. NURBS are commonly used … Continue reading

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XBox Kinect for blind House

XBox Kinect has a very good sensor and its being used in a lot of fields like robotics. And some has used it to support the blind in their walk on roads. But as another idea, if we can put … Continue reading

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What Developers are hoping at Build 2016 + Xamarin

as we are approaching Developers that want to use Xamarin, as one of the main development tools for the Mobile era, have some needs, and would want to ask Microsoft, to look into them, seriously: In comparison, its clear that its … Continue reading

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Split AC How to Increase its Efficiency and Reduce Operation Cost

With the Increase of heat levels in the summer, the electricity bill sky rockets, because of the Split ACs, The following are some ideas to increase their efficiency and lessen their electric consumption, and make their life longer:   First, … Continue reading

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