Can Oracle Customers trust Oracle after Its Google sue


Oracle has sued Google before 6 years or so, for Google use of its “37 Java APIs”!

Now whether oracle win the sue or loose, can its customers trust it?

If I am an oracle customer, using its Java, Oracle database, MySQL, or any of the hundreds of products that it has:


can a customer trust it, that it will not sue him when he use it?

Lets say Oracle won the case against Google, and won billions, it will make all the hundreds of billions from other customers, afraid from it, and oracle might loose from them, a lot more than it might win from Google, oracle now lost a big customer, which is Google, how many more will it loose, the two-three years after the case, will tell oracle how much it lost.


It’s much better that oracle settle the case outside the court with Google, and any other cases between them, and partner together, than losing each other and more customers.

As it has billions of devices that uses its technologies, all will be afraid that they will be the next to be sued, and they will think of other competing technologies to go to, and leave oracle alone.


And oracle customers:

be wary of your heads, if Oracle wins, you might be the next, as it looks like oracle left the technology business and began the lawyer business(maybe its more fruitful for them, than their current one).

be wary when:

you use oracle API.

you write API’s that oracle have the same names.

when you use oracle database stored procedures.

when you use java embedded engine.

even if you don’t use oracle products, check all its products API’s so you don’t rename yours like them.

This is more like an Oracle self destruct timer.


Such strange actions are of one of the following reasons:


 🔘 The $9+ billion has blinded oracle from a case that even it can be hurt from it, as any other companies can sue oracle with the same reasons she did with google, and the big customers will be afraid that oracle one day, might wear the lawyer hat and point his ax on them.


 🔘 Their software business is declining, and oracle is getting jealousy of the other companies that benefit from its technologies, so it wants a share from them.


 🔘 Oracle managers will get a big amount of that money if they win the case, so they don’t care what might happen to the company that they work for, and what might happen to it, after they leave, its just like a ship captain that is sailing with his ship that contains a big box of diamonds, and he will not gain a lot if he deliver the ship safely, but if he sinks it, he can take all the diamonds without anyone noticing.

Do you have any suggestion to why oracle is doing this?

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1 Response to Can Oracle Customers trust Oracle after Its Google sue

  1. Vivek says:

    Oracle don’t know any more how to run business.,
    Its history says its confused corporation from database to financial services and irrelevant acquisitions..,

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