Cleaning Split AC

Cleaning Split AC


Split AC, need cleaning yearly, for

Adding more power
reducing electric bill cost
Give it longer life
Give its compressor longer life


The Split AC needs to be cleaned and washed yearly to return back to its good condition and to lessen the electric bill.

Clean the AC by your self, as most of the times, if the maintenance guy do it, he will not open its above covers and won’t clean inside of them, and this means that you won’t get the full benefit from your AC.

First Step

unplug the electric cable of your split, and if its linked directly to the wall, then go to the electricity box, and switch off its switches, failing to do this might endanger you and your equipment.


prepare the following tools for the operation:

Bosch PS21

prepare the washing tools, and they are, soap, bucket, brush, eye protector, air dryer:


cleaning brush 1cleaning brush 2

prepare the following tools for the operation:

Open the condenser unit

open the condenser unit, fully from the front and the back, and keep all screws in a plastic container, so they don’t get lost.

you can open the fan holder, to ease its cleaning, and to clean behind it, but don’t put it on its fans, or they might break.

before opening the fan holder, take pictures by your phone, of the holder, and the electric lines, and label them 1,2,3,4,.., so you can place them back to their correct position, or you risk burning the fan.

don’t ever try to open the fan itself or its motor.



start by wearing your googles on your eyes to protect them from flying debris and soap.

Don’t blow air on the condenser, because the dust is very dangerous and allergic.

begin by spelling water on all its parts, then blow air with the electric blower, so it blows the water, and what the debris with it.

then mix water with soap, and pour it on all the condenser parts, and begin rubbing them with the brush, but don’t press on it, so you don’t bend the fins.

be careful when cleaning small tubes, as they are fragile and might break.


Protect the capacitor

put a plastic rug under the capacitor and behind it, to protect it from the hot iron surface under it because of the compressor heat, and make it last longer.


make sure of the cleanness of the AC floor and its openings so any water that condenses inside of it, can flow outside without obstacles.



after cleaning, you will see your AC shining.

dry the remaining water from it, by a cloth and by the air dryer, and clean the ground surface around it, so wind will not blow the dust from the ground into your clean AC.

place the fan stand back to its place.

screw all electric cable in their respective order.

close the front and back cover, and screw them in their place.

leave the condensor under the sun for atleast 6 hours, or one full night, so all the moister evaporates, and so you don’t break you AC with electric shock.

Clean your AC yearly.

Lessening the Heat on your AC + conserving more electricity

To stop heat from the ground reaching you AC, put it above a thick wood sheet, or a thick plastic rug

and to stop it from shaking, install under its legs, plastic or rubber material.

and make sure with a leveler ruler that its horizontal to the ground, so it will stop from shaking and making noise and breaking its motor and compressor.



and you can protect your condenser by installing a wood sheet above it or an aluminum sheet, to protect it from the heat of the sun, and lessen its work, and lessen it electric consumption.


ac_shainco 2ac_shainco

Split AC cc (1)


Also rap its ferion wires with a cushion sealant, to protect it from dissipating coldness.

and make sure that the pipes are fixed and does not shake, or fasten them.



also cleaning the AC with a special electric water pressure, will speed your work, and make the AC much cleaner.




Internal AC unit

Clean its filter either each two weeks or monthly.

clean its inner fins with an electric air blower.

spray white vinegar on its fins monthly to kill germs and fungus, and eliminate doers.


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