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MS Dynamics AX 2013 R3 Closing Year Problem

This error is raised every year, when trying to close the periods of last year, or put them on hold, the following error might raise: Cannot close period Period 1 when there are source documents remaining to be journalized with … Continue reading

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Is Google to pay Oracle or is it the other way around

  Now JDK is open sourced: that means that a lot of people contributed and still contributing to JDK, also google might be, if not one of the big contributes in JDK. So, should oracle be the one trying … Continue reading

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MS Dynamics AX 2012: On Hand Inventory Form

Dynamics AX 2012 has a good view showing product inventory information, and based on the following site: I decided to re-design the form picture with clear symbols, to show the formulas used, as at least for me, there … Continue reading

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eBook Glasses Reader

It would be great for book lovers, readers to have a sun-glasses that we can were it above our medical glass, and it has E-Ink power in a way that shows only the text, and make the background invisible so … Continue reading

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Movement in VR Life

I suggest for All the main VR players to think in this very good idea, to add movement in the VR realm, and  maybe add to it 360 degrees:

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تصميم متجر فاشون للبيع على الانترنت مع برنامج على الجوال

لقد تم الانتهاء من موقع: متجر فاشن نواعم على الانترنت للبيع على الانترنت، بعدد لا محدود من المنتجات والتصنيفات مع تصميم برنامج له على جوالات الاندرويد

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.Net Linq Errors

.Net Linq is a powerful tool, but it has its merits, and the following are some errors that you might encounter:

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