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MS Access Crashes on ListBox.addItem

I had a problem in Access, that made havoc to old projects i had, as i have a form that i use a general utility in multiple .mdb programs. and I have in them a ListBox, that gets filled by … Continue reading

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Split AC How to Increase its Efficiency and Reduce Operation Cost

With the Increase of heat levels in the summer, the electricity bill sky rockets, because of the Split ACs, The following are some ideas to increase their efficiency and lessen their electric consumption, and make their life longer:   First, … Continue reading

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Increase AC Window Power & Reduced Electricity Costs

In the hot summer months, electricity consumption increases because of the hot sun, so the electric bill increases tremendously, and the AC gets exhausted. So to lessen the electricity consumption, and increase the AC efficiency, and the coolness, the following … Continue reading

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Cleaning Split AC

Cleaning Split AC Split AC, need cleaning yearly, for Adding more power reducing electric bill cost Give it longer life Give its compressor longer life   The Split AC needs to be cleaned and washed yearly to return back to … Continue reading

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Code Personal Assistant: Siri, Cortana, Google Now: The Future of coding

After developing the keyboard, and using it for developer coding/programming, it stayed like that for more than 80 years. While I do like programming by it, but I always wanted to program when I am lying on my bed or … Continue reading

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Replacing DTO with Anonymous object

Introduction Data transfer object (DTO) are used to pass data from layer to another instead of using the domain objects, which has very good implications if the layers are separated by wire as in server and client scenario. The problem … Continue reading

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Plug-in Architecture To Work for multiple platforms/techs

Introduction Plug-in Architecture To Work in WinForms MVC + WPF MVVM + ASP.Net MVC  + Mobile (Xamarin MVC/PhoneGap MVC) +  Win 10 Universal App MVC This is my attempt to implement a general plugin system to work in multiple platforms … Continue reading

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