Split AC How to Increase its Efficiency and Reduce Operation Cost


With the Increase of heat levels in the summer, the electricity bill sky rockets, because of the Split ACs,

The following are some ideas to increase their efficiency and lessen their electric consumption, and make their life longer:


First, wash your AC, yearly, in the beginning of spring or summer, and the following page, talks about it:



First of all, begin by buying a refrigerant bottle, that is Indian or USA manufactured, because some times the maintenance man, don’t fully fill the AC with it, so he can use his bottle for more ACs, but by giving him your own bottle, and staying near him, while he fills the AC, you make sure, that it gets done right, and that he does not take from it and fills his own empty bottles, and label your bottle on its iron side, with your name so he won’t switch it with one of his own.




Also this bottle will stay with you for years, and you can use it each time for all your ACs, and this will reduce the price of filling the refrigerant, because it comes from you, as you can buy it from the refrigerant parts shop.

And the way you can make sure that the AC is full with the refrigerant, is by the maintenance guy putting a voltmeter, on one of the AC wires, and turns the AC on, and begin filling it, till the reading on the voltmeter reaches the same amperage as the written value on the AC sticker, that is if he is a professional.




Make him install an air valve by welding it, and leave it there, so to ease and speed filling it, in the future, and to make that operation be done in your home, instead of taking it to his shop.




Clean the AC by your self, as most of the times, if the maintenance guy do it, he will not open its above covers and won’t clean inside of them, and this means that you won’t get the full benefit from your AC.


Place a hunger

Install a hunger over you condenser with a wood sheet above it or an aluminum sheet, to protect it from the heat of the sun, and lessen its work, and lessen its electric consumption.


ac_shainco 2ac_shainco

Split AC cc (1)


Videos showing the idea:



Buy Wood sticks, plastic net, Varnish and a cotton net:


Split AC ccc (3)

a Split AC (2)Split AC (3)

Split AC ccc (2)


Nail the wood stick together in the following form, and leave a 30 cm, between each beam:


Split AC (4)Split AC (5)



Paint the wood with varnish in all of its sides, front, back, above and bellow, to protect it from water.

Then buy 2 aluminum boxes, with the length of Your AC condenser, and width of 20 to 25 cm, and depth of 10-15 cm, and get it welded in a way the seals it from spelling water from it.


Split AC (6)


As you can see in the picture above, there are some fins getting from outside of the aluminum boxes, there are welded there, to facilitate nailing them and fixing the position of the boxes.

insert under the aluminum boxes, a thick rubber mat, or a thick wood peace, to protect it from the how ground.

Kitchen Mat Cushion Ease locking 600


Also make sure that the boxes, are leveled horizontally flat to the ground, to stop water pouring from one of its sides, using a leveling ruler:




Then stick them beside each other, around the condenser, and nail their fins to the ground, and use a grinder with an iron plate, grind a gateway/canal between them, so the water can move freely between them.




Split AC (18)


and close the gap between them with silicon:




then install the wood structure inside the aluminum boxes, and fix it in the hanger, and make sure that the wood structure is 90 degrees with the ground, so water droplets wont drip outside the boxes.




Place the plastic net, on the wood structure, so it can support the cloth net, and wont fly with the wind.


a Split AC (2)


Aplit AC b (4)Aplit AC b (5)



Buy two rolls of net cloth, that have box shape openings in them, and lay them over the plastic net, and fasten them with fasteners.


Split AC ccc (1)

Split AC (9)


Use the joiners, to join every where you see the water moving on the plastic net, and not on the cloth net, as we want to water to move on the cloth net, so it gets damped and cools the air.

Every where you see the water passing through both nets, either add more layers of cloth, or add a wood plate, because we don’t want the water getting out of the aluminum box.

Split AC d (6)Split AC d (5)Split AC d (4)Split AC d (3)Split AC d (2)Split AC d (1)

ثم قم بشرا

Buy a water pump, and place it in the aluminum box, and fasten a water hose in it:


water Pumps

Split AC (19)

Split AC (18)Split AC (7)


Or buy a solar pump


Solar Water Pump


from these sites:





Try to place the water pump in a plastic container that has large holes, and surround the pump, with AC sealant mesh/sponge, to protect it from dust going inside it.


a Split AC (4)a Split AC (3)


Also, tape the electric cables in a way that they are in the air, and don’t tush the ground, so no spilled water, can contact them.


Aplit AC b (1)


Buy 2 meters of garden dripping pips, and make holes in the, separating each hole from the other by 10cm, then fasten the pipe on the wood frame, and turn it so the holes in the pipe, make 45 degrees toward the cloth net, this will make the water dripping on it.


garden water pipe


Aplit AC b (10)Aplit AC b (9)Aplit AC b (8)


Connect the water hose, from the pump, the garden hose, so the pump will push the water in it, and then the water will drip on the cloth net, and close the other end of the garden pipe with a closing nut.


Aplit AC b (6)


connect the water pipe that comes from the condensed water in the inner unit, to the aluminum boxes.


Aplit AC b (2)


Then, install a floating water inlet, on a piece of wood, and connect it to a water tap, so it can fill the aluminum boxes when the water level drops.


Split AC (16)Split AC (14)Split AC (13)

Split AC cc (3)

Aplit AC b (12)


Make sure that the water hoses you select, are the types that do not bend, so they don’t close the water passage.

If you see the water passing through the two nets, and dripping to the ground, you either insert behind the plastic net, a thick fabric, or a plate of wood, to make the water drip on the nets.

Split AC d (7)



the end result will be:


Split AC (9)Split AC cccc (1)Split AC cccc (2)Split AC cccc (3)
Split AC (12)


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