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Xamarin vs Flutter vs ASP.Net vs .net core, and 3rd party vendors

This is a suggestion to MS/Google, and all 3rd party vendors. Xamarin while has a lot of nice features, it just still takes all the heavy load of the OS original UI. Its advances depend on the pace of … Continue reading

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MS Dynamics AX 2012: On Hand Inventory Form

Dynamics AX 2012 has a good view showing product inventory information, and based on the following site: I decided to re-design the form picture with clear symbols, to show the formulas used, as at least for me, there … Continue reading

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تصميم متجر فاشون للبيع على الانترنت مع برنامج على الجوال

لقد تم الانتهاء من موقع: متجر فاشن نواعم على الانترنت للبيع على الانترنت، بعدد لا محدود من المنتجات والتصنيفات مع تصميم برنامج له على جوالات الاندرويد

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Adding Indexes in SAP PowerDesigner with VBScript

The following code will help in adding columns to indexes or creating indexes in SAP PowerDesigner: .

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Reading JSON from Xamarin.Forms .xaml, and displaying them in ‘GORILLA PLAYER’

GORILLA PLAYER: is a very powerful and fun app that helps developers see their .xaml files in action without compiling them.   And the following are the steps to make ‘GORILLA PLAYER’, display the xaml files with json sample … Continue reading

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Projecting on Linq to SQL, from different layers

  The Need I needed to add the possibility for upper layers like the Model/Service to make projection on Linq to SQL statements but without leaking IQueryable. As the normal Linq to SQL projection is: var query = from c in Cars … Continue reading

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Cost of Goods Sold: LIFO, FIFO, Average information for developers

In the continuation of my research/reading of how to develop an inventory system, that works with: COGS = Cost of Goods Sold (COGS) Cost Accounting Inventory Costing Methods LIFO FIFO, Standard Cost, Average FIFO Method: In most businesses, the actual … Continue reading

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