Increase AC Window Power & Reduced Electricity Costs

window ac

In the hot summer months, electricity consumption increases because of the hot sun, so the electric bill increases tremendously, and the AC gets exhausted.

So to lessen the electricity consumption, and increase the AC efficiency, and the coolness, the following can be done:

First of all, begin by buying a refrigerant bottle, that is Indian or USA manufactured, because some times the maintenance man, don’t fully fill the AC with it, so he can use his bottle for more ACs, but by giving him your own bottle, and staying near him, while he fills the AC, you make sure, that it gets done right, and that he does not take from it and fills his own empty bottles, and label your bottle on its iron side, with your name so he won’t switch it with one of his own.




Also this bottle will stay with you for years, and you can use it each time for all your ACs, and this will reduce the price of filling the refrigerant, because it comes from you, as you can buy it from the refrigerant parts shop.

And the way you can make sure that the AC is full with the refrigerant, is by the maintenance guy putting a voltmeter, on one of the AC wires, and turns the AC on, and begin filling it, till the reading on the voltmeter reaches the same amperage as the written value on the AC sticker, that is if he is a professional.




Make him install an air valve by welding it, and leave it there, so to ease and speed filling it, in the future, and to make that operation be done in your home, instead of taking it to his shop.




Clean the AC by your self, as most of the times, if the maintenance do it, he will not open its above covers and won’t clean inside of them, and this means that you won’t get the full benefit from your AC.


Window AC (1)Window AC (2)Window AC (3)

Window AC (6)

Also cleaning the AC with a special electric water pressure, will speed your work, and make the AC much cleaner.




And the following is a detailed page for cleaning the AC:


After cleaning your AC, you must leave it under the sun, for at least 6 hours, or over night, so it dries fully, or it might have an electric shock, and breaks.


The containing box

Buy a big can of glue:



Take out the containing box of the AC, and put on it glue, and stick inside of it, from the inner side, a car sun protector, and try to use one that has aluminum on its two sides.


car sun protector

but before that, make sure that you wash it and clean it from dust so the glue can stick correctly, and make sure you don’t close the opened holes in it, as they are used to circulate the air flow.


Window AC (12)Window AC (13)Window AC (26)


Also glue on the top of it, an insulator.




the final result will look like this:


Window AC (22)Window AC (21)


As you can see that all its designed holes are not closed.


Then re-install the AC Box, and make sure that its leaning toward the ground by some small degree, from behind, so the water condensed in it, wont stay inside it and make it rust, and collect dust, by using a straitening ruler.


Window AC (7)Window AC (8)


Use special Wall nails, insert them inside metallic washers, and then nail them inside the box, to stick it inside the wall, by using strong nails and washers, you save the box from fracture or bend in the future.


Window AC (23)Window AC (25)



before inserting you AC, search for rust on it


Window AC (5)


and spray it by WD-40, and put some grease on it, so it will not further rust.



After inserting the AC in its box, try to fill between it and the box, with sheets of sponges, and also between the Box and the wall, to stop dust and hot air from entering.





Also if there is another AC above your own AC, that drips on it, and makes noisy sounds, then glue, a plastic hairy rug on it, and the noise will go away.

Window AC (27)



Also you can enclose your AC Box, with another plastic cover, to further seal it, from the sun rays and heat.

Window AC (29)Window AC (28)


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