What will make a code assistant, flourish


Utilities and extensions, for JavaScript, Java, Object-C, SQL,  C, C++, C#, PHP, Python, VB .NET, Transact-SQL, Pascal, ABAP, PL/SQL, Ruby, MATLAB, R…

whether in Eclipse, Visual Studio, SQL Server Management Studio, Android Studio, SharpDevelop, Eclipse, IntelliJ IDEA, Xamarin Studio, Netbeans, PhpStorm, SublimeText, JCreator, Komodo IDE, extra…

Might get really interesting and much more use, for most developers, if these utilities, search the net for relevant code snipts in the most famous languages, and automatically converting them to the current project language, using programming language converting online services, like Google translate for human languages.

this article can be seen in


That will give developers an abundant quantity of examples and functionality, because it will be the sum of all languages experience.

and if a company starts to convert all langs, to its main language, then it just might be the De-facto holly grail of all langs.

Bing Developer Assistant for Visual Studio:

bing assistant

Google Code


Google translate:




The Good thing is that there are a lot of free or paid apps and online services that convert from one language to another, but very little that convert from many languages to one language, so if a Code assistant just uses these free services, it will give this functionality fast.

and all IDE’s that support web programming, should have a code assistant to convert most languages to JavaScript, as they all support it.


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