Cost of Goods Sold: LIFO, FIFO, Average information for developers

Cost of Goods Sold

In the continuation of my research/reading of how to develop an inventory system, that works with:

COGS = Cost of Goods Sold (COGS)
Cost Accounting
Inventory Costing Methods
LIFO FIFO, Standard Cost, Average
FIFO Method: In most businesses, the actual flow of materials follows FIFO, which makes this a logical choice.


The following are informative links:

* Video Tutorials
* Youtube
* Slides
* Books

Cost of Goods Sold 2

Video Tutorials:

Crash Course On Cost Accounting
Principles of Accounting
Overheads in Cost Accounting
Project Cost Management
Management and Cost Accounting – Professor Cooperberg
Hospital Cost Accounting
EXCEL- cost accounting
Cost Accounting Lectures
BBS 1st Year Old Course (TU) Cost Accounting Classes
Inventory Costing Methods
Shipping address and Shipping cost for E-commerce series
eBay dropshipping Make money no inventory complete guide
Oracle Applications R12 Inventory – Fundamentals & Advance
Lifo- vs. Fifo

COGS: cost of gods
Man inspecting boxes in distribution warehouse

Man inspecting boxes in distribution warehouse


inventory 4


_ms dynamics nav 2013 inventory costing wp ap.pdf
_WP MS-Dynamics Inventory Costing.pdf
Cost Accounting For Dummies – Boyd, Kenneth
Cost Accounting – Planning and Control _ 6th Edition _ MATZ – USRY
Cost Accounting Foundations and Evolutions by Michael R. Kinney & Cecily A. Raiborn 8th Edition
Cost Management Accounting and Control by Don R. Hansen & Maryanne M. Mowen  5th Edition
Cost Management Accounting and Control by Don R. Hansen, Maryanne M. Mowen & Liming Guan 6th Edition
Essential Cost Accounting Terminology
Inventory Costing Methods (notes)
Management and Cost Accounting by colin Drury Sixth Edition
Managerial Accounting For Dummies – Holtzman, Mark
Principles of Cost Accounting 15th ed (intro txt) – E. VanDerbeck (Cengage, 2010) BBS
Solution Manual of Cost Accounting A Managerial Emphasis by Horngren, Datar & Rajan 14th Edition
inventory 3


inventory 2

inventory costing methods



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