Bulletin board in Messaging Apps

Bulletin board 02

A new Idea for messaging apps, like WhatsApp, Telegram, and the others:

* whatsapp: support@whatsapp.com, https://twitter.com/whatsapp
* Telegram: https://twitter.com/telegram
* Viber: https://twitter.com/Viber
* LINE: https://twitter.com/lineappusa
* KakaoTalk Messenger: https://twitter.com/kakaotalk
* Facebook Messenger: https://twitter.com/fbmessenger
* Skype: https://twitter.com/Skype
* Groupme: support@groupme.com, https://twitter.com/groupme
* Kik Messenger: https://twitter.com/Kik
* ChatON: chaton@samsung.com
* WeChat: https://twitter.com/wechatapp


Bulletin board 01

Is to  have Bulletin board groups, that the admin can specify who can be a reader, and who can be writer,

this will benefit schools, colleges, government agencies, companies, and any corporate entity, to spread bulletins to their groups, without the noise from the reading people.


Bulletin board 03



Bulletin board 04

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