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Google–>Docs, Yahoo, Microsoft–>Office, Adobe–>Acrobat, Oracle/Sun–>OpenOffice, Apple–>iPAD-iPhone, Amazon–>Kendle, Sony–>SonyEReader

I suggest as away to reach more consumers, to make a free type of document that can only be opened by ur products and offer inside it ads in each page on the left or right of the page depending on the section tags.


Authors get their money from the ads.
Authors are asked to put Tags in each section/header, and by reading these tags – specific category of ads are shown to readers.


Get their money from the ads.


Don’t pay money because the eBook is free, so he will read more and open ads more.
More knowledge is spread.

Digital eBook Readers/netBooks:

Get more popular.


Less Trees are cut.

About Reader Man حسين ناجي الصفافير

حسين ناجي الصفافير Hussain Naji Al-Safafeer Info:
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